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A Real Disaster: Square Enix's New AI-Driven Game Gets Teardown By Players On Steam

Game news A Real Disaster: Square Enix’s New AI-Driven Game Gets Teardown By Players On Steam

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The Portopia Serial Murder Case was released in 1983. It opens the door to many investigative games and was released yesterday by Square Enix in an AI-driven version. The result ? A disaster.

Before Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, there was…

An essential video game studio, Square Enix now has numerous licenses recognized throughout the world with DragonQuest, Final Fantasy or even deny them. More recently, these are even the Octopath Traveler who card. Today known for its role-playing games, the company has not only done that in its career. Before its merger with Square, Enix even publishes the game The Portopial Serial Murder Case: a title scripted by Yūji Horii, known to be the screenwriter behind Dragon Quest three years later.

The Portopia Serial Murder Case is developed by Chunsoft (behind the first five Dragon Quests and then the Pokémon Mystery Dungeons). It is considered one of the first detective adventure games in Japan. The player embodies a detective named Kenzo in charge of investigating the various murders that took place in the city of Portopia. All of these assassinations appear to be linked to a wealthy businessman. An investigation that then takes Kenzo from surprise to surprise and will make him see the world of the underworld up close to get to the truth. The player can choose to investigate this or that place, to question this or that person within a limited framework. You just have to find the right actions to do among the available options.

strawberry artificial intelligence

The Portopia Serial Murder Case is often credited with paving the way for many games in the genre with its storytelling and gameplay. 40 years later after its initial release, Square Enix therefore decides to republish it again on Steam with the desire to integrate modern technology. It is in particular that of Automatic Language Processing (NTA), a branch derived from Artificial Intelligence linked to linguistics, which is used for the creation of this reissue distributed free of charge in the form of a technology demonstration. An overview that does not pass in view of the 91% very negative ratings for the title.

Reading the comments, all the players who gave a devaluative appreciation of the title are unanimous: Artificial Intelligence is doing things wrong. Unlike the original version, this version of the game asks players to type in writing what they want to do, as if sending a message via their phone. Unfortunately, the game rarely understands player requests as evidenced by this appreciation:

  • Licking the victim
    • A: Maybe we should focus on the task at hand?

Okay, maybe that was too silly.

  • Who are you ?
    • A: Maybe we should focus on the task at hand?
  • Tell me about the victim
    • A: An old man. No criminal record. A known shark
  • I then replied with: “What type of shark?”
  • What kind of enemies did he have?
    • A: An old man. No criminal record. A known shark.
  • Who were his enemies?
  • Where is the victim?
    • A: An old man. No criminal record. A known shark

It would seem that Square Enix therefore still has some work to do regarding the integration of new technologies concerning their new productions. They haven’t abandoned what they know how to do best, since players are impatiently awaiting the upcoming arrival of Final Fantasy 16 And Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth.

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